Contact Us

Please use the Intel Cilk Plus forum to discuss issues, for technical support, or to report bugs.

Bug reports should include:

  • A title that concisely describes your bug
  • A small test case the reproduces the problem
  • A description of the bug with all the details needed to duplicate your bug including:
    • Operating System
    • Platform
    • Architecture
    • Compiler
  • Any relevant versions (Windows 7, ICC v13.0, etc.)
  • The severity of the bug in terms of its impact on you:
    • Showstopper - A bug that prevents you from using Intel Cilk Plus
    • High - A bug with a short-term workaround, but which needs to be fixed as soon as possible
    • Medium - A bug that does not slow development, but which needs to be fixed
    • Low - A bug that has no significant impact, but which should be fixed at some point to improve future usability