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cilk::internal::condition< Cond, IfTrue, IfFalse > Struct Template Reference

Choose a type based on a boolean constant. More...

Public Types

typedef IfTrue type
 The type selected by the condition.

Detailed Description

template<bool Cond, typename IfTrue, typename IfFalse>
struct cilk::internal::condition< Cond, IfTrue, IfFalse >

Choose a type based on a boolean constant.

This metafunction is identical to C++11's condition metafunction. It needs to be here until we can reasonably assume that users will be compiling with C++11.

Template Parameters
CondA boolean constant.
IfTrueA type.
IfFalseA type.
The type member will be a typedef of IfTrue if Cond is true, and a typedef of IfFalse if Cond is false.

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