Reporting Issues

What should I do if I find a bug in Intel Cilk Plus?

Before submitting a bug, please search the Intel Cilk Plus Forum for similar issues. Please check Intel Cilk Plus FAQ before you submit it.

What should I do if I have a question about Intel Cilk Plus?

Please check the FAQ; if you cannot find the answer there, please raise the issue in the Intel Cilk Plus Forum.

What information should I provide when filing a new bug report?
  • Choose a title that uniquely and concisely describes your bug.
  • Enter a specific description of your bug; describe your system configuration -- include platform, architecture, operating system, ABI and compiler information, along with specific versions used -- and the details necessary to reproduce your bug.
  • Include as small a test-case as is adequate to reproduce the bug, along with the specific commands used to compile and run the test-case.
  • Include any additional, specific details that may be relevant.
  • Indicate the release type.  If you are using an open source version include the file name and version of the most recent Intel Cilk Plus Download that reproduces the bug.
  • Indicate the severity of the bug in terms of its impact to you and your productivity:
    • Showstopper - A bug that prevents you from using Intel Cilk Plus.
    • High - A bug with a short-term workaround, but which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
    • Medium - A bug that does not slow development, but which needs to be fixed.
    • Low - A bug that has no significant impact, but which should be fixed at some point to improve future usability.
Does Intel plan to make its Intel Cilk Plus quality test suites available?

The source code submitted to the GCC “cilkplus” branch includes unit tests. The unit tests accomplish basic performance testing of the various small constructs in Intel Cilk Plus. There are also examples that time themselves for doing basic performance measurements. This is an area that we think can use additional attention.