Cilk Plus in the Classroom

Does Intel Cilk Plus have a role in teaching parallelism in schools?

Intel Cilk Plus abstracts away low level details, such as thread management, teaching can focus on fundamental concepts which are easily implemented and experienced using Intel Cilk Plus. With multi-core process being so common, finding computers to run parallel programs is no longer difficult. We think parallelism is a concept which should be introduced very early in learning to program, and should be utilized at every level of teaching computer science. Teaching it within C++ allows focus to be placed primarily on concepts of parallelism and not exotic language design concepts. The programming environments are readily available including compilers and debuggers.

We hope that persons using Intel Cilk Plus in teaching will share their experiences so we may all benefit. Feel free to drop notes on the Intel Cilk Plus forum  to share and as a way to propose how we can help foster using Intel Cilk Plus in teaching parallel programming.

The book Structured Parallel Programming (Morgan Kaufman, 2012) teaches parallel programming using Cilk Plus and TBB as its primary languages for examples.

Do you have any special programs for universities?

For a limited time, academic developers can receive a free, supported academic license of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE suites by applying at intel.com/software/products/academic. An Intel Cilk Plus teaching module is also part of Intel’s multi-core university curriculum.