Papers and Presentations

Papers and presentations about Intel Cilk Plus.

A Quick Introduction to the Intel Cilk Plus Runtime

This document presents how Cilk Plus runtime works internally using step-by-step examples. It is a good starting point for developers who are interested in the runtime internals such as work-stealing, internal data structures, interaction with compilers, and reducers.

Date Published: September 20, 2016
Strict Fork-Join Parallelism Proposal to C++ Standard

A proposal for strict fork-join parallelism presented to the C++ standards committee at its October 2012 meeting in Portland.  Cilk Plus implements the proposed fork-join parallelism model.  The paper describes the concepts of fork-join parallelism and the benefits of strictness and argues that this features should be part of the C++ core language rather than a library.

Date Published: September 24, 2012
Vector Loops and Parallel Loops Proposal to C++ Standard

This document presents proposals for two language constructs: vector loops and parallel loops. It provides their motivations and semantics. Although this paper offers many specifics describing the capabilities and semantics of the proposed constructs, it does not yet attempt to present formal wording for WP changes. Those details will be forthcoming if and when the committee agrees with the direction of this proposal. The syntax used in the examples is intended as a straw-man proposal; actual keyword names, attributes, and/or operators can be determined later.

Date Published: September 24, 2012
Cauldron 2012

The first presentation of the implementation of Intel Cilk Plus in the GCC C/C++ compiler "cilkplus" branch.  Presented by Balaji Iyer at the GNU Tools Cauldron 2012 conference.

Date Published: July 10, 2012


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