Piper is an experimental prototype of Intel® Cilk™ Plus that provides library headers and runtime support for pipe-while loops.  A pipe-while loop is a new parallel loop construct described in a recent paper on On-the-fly pipeline parallelism, published in July 2013 in collaboration with researchers at MIT. A pipe-while loop is a generalization of an ordinary while loop that allows for pipeline parallelism between iterations.

  • For a brief overview, see the Piper project page.
  • For additional details about pipe-while loops, as well as a guide to installing and using Piper, see the Piper reference guide below.

Piper is available for download as a runtime binary package.  This package contains the files needed for support parallel pipelines, including an extended set of Intel Cilk Plus header files, a prebuilt Intel Cilk Plus runtime, and sample programs using Piper.

Piper can also be built from source. The source tree is available on BitBucket, at:


The runtime binary package corresponds to the source at commit d987b39 on October 8, 2013.

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Release Date: 
Friday, October 4, 2013