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We welcome your contributions to this open source project. As originators of the Intel® Cilk™ Plus project, we have the desire to protect the interests of the entire Intel Cilk Plus community. To do that, we need to know who our contributors are; we also need to know that they have the right to contribute the code they send to us.

The Cilk Plus project is multi-licensed: Intel licenses the Intel® Cilk Plus project under a BSD license and a commercial license. Portions of the Intel® Cilk Plus project have been or will be contributed to Free Software Foundation-maintained projects such as the gcc project.

We believe our approach gives us the flexibility we need to protect the interests of the Cilk Plus user community. Knowing the origin of all our code allows us to protect the integrity of the code as a whole, both for use under the Open Source license and for use under commercial license. We ask you to accept this Contributor Agreement so that we can maintain that code integrity we all desire.

If you want to make a code contribution, you will need to read and accept the Contributor Agreement below. Once you accept the Contributor Agreement, you will be given instructions on submitting your code contribution.