I recently tried the updated Intel® Cilk™ Plus in the Intel® C++ Compiler. I liked the lower overhead from using Cilk Plus spawning compared to that of OpenMP* task. I'm looking forward to using Cilk Plus Array Notations. The concepts behind Cilk Plus – simplification of adding parallelism – is really great. Thanks for offering this easy-to-use capability!
David Carver
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Intel's Cilk Plus has provided us not only with a performance boost by increasing the computation speeds but as an extension of C++ it has improved our productivity as there is hardly a learning curve involved. Our code still looks elegant, it is maintainable and extensible, and using parallelism has resulted in a 4.5x improvement!
Faisal Habib
Director of Financial Engineering & Software Development
Intel Cilk Plus provided an intuitive way to add efficient, scalable parallelism to SEMulator3D, Coventor's tool for emulating semiconductor and MEMS process technology to produce highly accurate 3D geometric models. We have seen very low overhead from Cilk and very good scalability (near linear) to increasing numbers of processors.
Daniel Faken
Coventor Inc.
Intel Cilk Plus is written with three new keywords and requires fewer source code modifications than Intel® Threading Building Blocks but is really powerful. Cilk Plus also comes with an array language extension to C/C++, providing array section notations for SIMD vector parallelism and parallel function maps for multi-threading.
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds Research